Social Integration On The Top 10,000 Websites [INFOGRAPHIC]

The unstoppable creative geniuses over at JESS3 are following up their 2013 Geosocial Universe infographic, which charted the latest monthly active user data for various social networks, along with the percentage of users who access each network via mobile devices, with a fun little supplement.

The JESS3 team used a survey from Pingdom, an uptime monitoring service, to visualize how many of the top 10,000 websites are integrated with major social platforms.

It turns out that just about half of the Internet’s top 10,000 websites are connected to Facebook, either through buttons or links, and Twitter follows close behind.

Google+ appears on over a fifth of homepages, and LinkedIn only shows up 3.9% of the time (although, that still means that 390 top websites make LinkedIn a part of their online presence).

The takeaway? Social networks are doing just that – forming a truly integral network in and among Internet users and the sites they frequent.

Good stuff, JESS3!

(Infographic via JESS3, image via Shutterstock)