Social Graphing App Takes the Top of This Week’s Fastest Gaining Facebook Apps by DAU

This week’s top Facebook app by gain in daily active users is Who is following you ?, a social graphing app that claims to show its users how often friends interact with their wall. Like all apps of its kind, its only way of measuring is by using the same public information every other app can see.

“Who is following”, as we’ll refer to it from here, has really popped up out of left field; it’s certainly not an app that we’d noticed before, despite its 10 million plus monthly active users. Could it be that “Who is following” is really a reincarnation of Fan Check by Smile, which appears to have been quietly banned by Facebook? (Update: It’s not; the company’s name is Inmaili.)

It’s difficult to tell exactly where the DAUs that are streaming into “Who is following” are coming from, either. A few days ago, it more than doubled the number of users visiting on a daily basis despite a much smaller rise in MAU. Its DAU as a percentage of MAU now stands at 18 percent, improbably high for this sort of app

One thing we do know is that “Who is following” tries hard to get its users to allow it to make wall postings, while simultaneously being careful to point out that it can’t actually count visitors to your Facebook page — Facebook often bans apps that claim to be able to do more, which may have been Fan Check’s downfall.

Feel free to comment below if you know more. In the meantime, here are all 20 top apps by DAU on our AppData list:

Top Gainers This Week
Name DAU Gain Gain, %
1. Who is following you ?1,927,538+1,267,291+65.75
2. Country Life3,021,571+443,866+14.69
3. Facebook for iPhone15,166,472+393,751+2.60
4. Social City2,851,283+375,781+13.18
5. Zoo World2,523,588+372,851+14.77
6. Café World9,183,779+286,873+3.12
7. Mafia Wars6,823,340+270,936+3.97
8. Bubble Island832,712+252,350+30.30
9. Poker Blitz234,680+234,642+99.98
10. PetVille5,151,262+211,919+4.11
11. Happy Aquarium4,779,802+165,151+3.46
12. iHeart1,708,148+147,190+8.62
13. Facebook for BlackBerry® smartphones9,097,125+131,947+1.45
14. Tiki Resort706,868+116,583+16.49
15. Happy Pets1,865,998+103,881+5.57
16. Supermodel: The Game201,742+101,375+50.25
17. Animal Paradise1,006,343+98,890+9.83
18. Tarjetitas120,921+91,663+75.80
19. MindJolt Games3,420,044+90,876+2.66
20. Friends Emotions [Emociones de Amigos]166,436+83,989+50.46

As you can see, games dominate the list, led by Country Life and Social City. We cover them over on our sister blog, Inside Social Games. The only other non-game app in the top ten is Facebook for iPhone, which along with Facebook for BlackBerry® smartphones has grown at a reliable, if slow pace for months.

The next non-game app to show up is iHeart by Mmkay, but that’s bad news disguised as good: the poking app, which once had over 25 million MAU, is slowly dying. It does seem to be holding onto its DAU better than the monthly users, though. Further down, Tarjetitas is in much the same (sinking) boat.

At the very bottom of the list we have Friends Emotions [Emociones de Amigos], a Spanish-language friend quiz. This app has grown steadily since its introduction a couple weeks back, and is now almost ready to cross a million MAU.

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