Social Gold Partners with Lolapps To Integrate Game Payments

Social Gold, a virtual goods monetization provider, has announced that they are going to power payments for Lolapps social games and applications, beginning with Band of Heroes and Diva Life. Lolapps’ game library has an audience of over 40 million monthly active users, and after the initial two titles, the companies will continue to work together on future games.

Lolapps games have been successful for years and continue to succeed. We recently covered their partnership with Electronic Arts to create the Dante’s Inferno game and sat down to discuss the partnership with Manu Rekhi, their VP of Corporate Strategy, and with this new news they could improve their ability to monetize those types of applications.

“Social Gold offers a deeply-integrated and highly-customizable payments experience, which translates into engaged users who ultimately spend more,” said Kavin Stewart, CEO of Lolapps. “By offering a frictionless way to purchase virtual goods, Social Gold keeps users engaged in the gameplay without disruption.”

Social Gold (owned by Jambool) is a virtual goods monetization platform provider that allows game developers to easily integrate virtual currency into their games. The platform provides an easy-to-use interface that presents gamers with a variety of payment options including credit cards and mobile. The technology is Flash, which means that Flash games can easily integrate th epayments platform without much integration time.