Social Gaming Roundup: Zynga, MySpace, Funding, & More

MentezZynga Prepaid Cards Coming to Latin America — Social games developer Zynga is partnering with Mentez this week, says VentureBeat.  Through the Brazilian social game publisher, Zynga will make its prepaid cards available at over a million locations across Latin America.

MySpace Sale Process Begins — According to Reuters, News Corp has begun exploring the sale or spin-off of MySpace. Thus far, early interest in the site has come from about 20 parties, with more expected as the weeks go on. News Corp is slated to begin talks in the second week of March.

Making FunNews Corp Launchs Social Game Publishing Service — In other News Corp news, the company has announced the introduction of “Making Fun” — a gaming startup it quietly bought last November, that is now serving as a “full-service publisher” that will work with social game developers to fund, market, and distribute their titles.

Zio Studios Raises $1.3 Million — Latin American animation and social gaming company, ZIO Studios has announced the closing of its first funding round. The funding totals $1.3 million from fund manager Promotora’s venture capital division.

Ravenwood FairRavenwood Fair Continues to Grow — VentureBeat has highlighted some interesting numbers from LOLapps’ Ravenwood Fair. With nearly 10.5 million monthly active users, the company is also highlighting that around 3.3 million have purchased virtual goods with 90 cents paid, on average, per transaction.  Moreover, 14% purchase something daily.

[image via VentureBeat]

PiggyBackMedia Chaperone Raises $1 Million — According to EngageDigital, Media Chaperone has raised $1 million in funding this week. The funding is to  go towards further development of their Facebook app Piggyback, which allows parents to monitor their childrens’ online activity and spending within partner games.