Social Gaming Roundup: Virtual Goods Reach New Markets, and More

altusSometrics announces three MMO partners — Advertising offers have been a hit within games on social networks, and now they’re appearing more in other types of online games. The latest are coming to three massive multiplayer online gaming partners — Atlus Online, Ndoors Interactive and — via offer optimizer Sometrics. That company combines offers from other providers and includes its own analytics and optimization software so game publishers better target the right offers to users. It claims to give MMO partners an average of a “15 percent lift” (in offer revenue?), with eCPMs averaging $725.

Spymaster offersSpymaster partners with Super RewardsSpymaster, a game that got some attention earlier this year because of its use of microblogging service Twitter, continues to push forward. While it has been using Super Rewards since July, the two companies have just signed an exclusive deal where Super Rewards will continue running its package of advertising offers and payments for virtual goods within the game. Super Rewards has been exploring the potential of offers in Twitter since June, when it also introduced its service for mafia-style Twitter RPG game 140 Mafia.

Viximo’s virtual goods coming to Fotolog’s photo-blog networkFotolog claims to have 27 million total members around the world, many of whom are in Latin America. It will begin using Viximo‘s suite of virtual goods products as a new way to make money from them. Among other things, Viximo includes a marketplace for virtual goods, analytics tools, and a virtual currency creator.

latin-america-political-mapQuepasa also gets virtual goods and currency — The Latin America-focused social network is also introducing a virtual economy to its users, although with LiveGamer’s TwoFish virtual currency platform. It will have one currency, called QDollars, that can only be purchased,  andanother, QPoints, which can only be earned on the site. Quepasa has around five million users, and it says it will be tailoring its virtual goods to its Latino user base.

Foursquare gets a new homepage — The location-based game’s homepage now includes a live-updating News Feed-style stream, with a fully revamped web site in the works. Of course, Foursquare is still driven by people using their phone’s geolocation devices, or text messages, to “check in” at physical locations, so it will continue to focus on mobile apps and features. The company raised $1.35 million earlier this month.

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