Social Gaming Roundup: The Green Hornet, Peak Games, Patent Trolls, & More

The Green HornetThe Green Hornet Comes to Mafia Wars — Sony Pictures Entertainment’s upcoming film, The Green Hornet, has made its way to Mafia Wars. Between now and January 14th, players can earn seven Green Hornet items in game, with an eight, “The Black Beauty” rewarded to those that collect all seven.

[image via Mafia Wars Blog]

Walker Digital Sues Zynga & Activision-Blizzard over Patent “Infringement” — According to TechCrunch, Walker Digital is filing a lawsuit for patent infringement against both Zynga and Activision-Blizzard for the patent “Database Driven Online Distributed Tournament System.” Walker Digital says that the patent “concerns a product and method of distributed electronic tournaments for a plurality of players that exchanges information with a central controller to influence game play while a player plays in the tournament, and stores player information to influence game play in a subsequent tournament.”

The games in question include the Zynga Wars series of RPGs, Call of Duty, and World of Warcraft.

Peak GamesPeak Games Raises $1.5 Million — Turkey’s largest social gaming company, Peak Games is announcing new funding this week. The company has raised $1.5 million in a seed round led by Hummingbird Ventures. Additionally, Pamir Gelenbe of Hummingbird and angel investor Evren Ucok have joined the startup’s board of directors.

Ngmoco Shutting Down Miraphonic Apps — Social and mobile developer Ngmoco has announced that it is planning to shut down the four games it acquired along with developer Miraphonic, as Engage Digital reports. The games are set to go offline on January 16th, and consist of Epic Chef Wars, Epic Crime Wars, Epic Pet Wars, and Titan Wars.

FlockFlock Joins Zynga — Flock, creator of the Flock social web browser, has announced that the six-year-old company is joining Zynga. Specific details regarding the acquisition have not been disclosed.

Zynga Hires More MySpace Executives — In other Zynga-related news, a piece from TechCrunch has noted the hiring of former MySpace SVP of user experience and design, Katie Geminder, and MySpace GM of social, Christina Wodtke. Both are slated to start with Zynga in the next week or so, and follow on the heels of the Zynga-hired Dani Dudeck and Owen Van Natta; a former MySpace VP and CEO respectively.