Social Gaming Roundup: Playfish, Scoreloop, Old Navy & More

Playfish NumbersPlayfish Releases New Numbers, Comparisons — Social games developer Playfish has released a series of amusing numbers on its website this week. Here are just a few: 55 million people play their games each month; a number greater than the population of England. Over 90 million virtual goods are transacted daily – nine times more than what is sold on eBay (average) on a day-to-day basis. 1.7 billion apples have been fed to virtual pets in Pet Society since 2008, which is enough to feed everyone in both China and the United States. 10.9 million people have build a Roman city in My Empire. The number is over 10 times greater than the population of Rome during the height of its power.

Zynga Files More Trademark Suits — Zynga has sent cease and desist letters to the company behind “Blingville” for trademark infringement, claiming that no one can attach “ville” to a social game. Blingville LLC., however, has filed a complaint against Zynga, asking the courts to declare that no such infringement exists.

Scoreloop Reaches New Milestones — The cross-platform, social-mobile gaming network, Scoreloop, is reporting new numbers this week. After its holiday successes, the company is now reporting that the platform is seeing over 1 million new players each week. Additionally, Scoreloop has reported approximately 100 million game sessions and over 350 million high score uploads over the course of 2010.

gWallet Old Navy ContestgWallet Partners with Old Navy for Developer Contest — Old Navy and gWallet have partnered up to bring developers a $15,000 contest, says EngageDigital. Developers will be challenged to create a mock-up that integrates the Old Navy brand into any game, social network, or virtual world with the most original three also being selected to have exclusive opportunities to distribute Old Navy offers to their users. Registration ends on January 31st and the contest begins in early February.

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Goldman Sachs Group Limits Facebook Offerings — According to The Wall Street Journal, U.S. clients seeking to invest in a private offering of shares in Facebook might be out of luck. Goldman Sachs Group Inc. is reported to have cut off U.S. investors stating that the media hype regarding the deal was in danger of violating U.S. security laws. Nevertheless, over $7 billion in orders are noted to have come in from foreign investors.

KongregateKongregate Launches, Then Loses its New Android Arcade App — Casual and social Flash games portal Kongregate launched its new Kongregate Arcade application for Android this week. A portal to the company’s collection of over 300 games, the app was apparently removed by Google only hours after its launch saying that “it was illicitly installing applications.”

Plants Vs. Zombies Coming to Android — Android owners may be a bit happier this week, as social and casual developer PopCap has told Kotaku that its popular Plants Vs. Zombies title will be coming to the device some time in Q2 of this year.

Social ChocolateJane McGonigal Launches Social Chocolate — Game designer Jane McGonigal has announced the launching of a new company called Social Chocolate this week, says All Things Digital. The games are said to involve the gamification and socializing of real world scenarios. The first title is said to be “SuperBetter” in which will close family members and friends will participate in order to help those who are injured or suffering from a chronic condition.

RockYou Signs Deal with Loot Drop — According to VentureBeat, RockYou has signed a deal with Loot Drop this week, a social company founded by id Software founders, John Romero and Tom Hall. Under the deal, Loot Drop will develop a RockYou funded and published title slated for release this summer.