Social Gaming Roundup: Paramount, YooMee, Kontangent, & More

RangoFuntactix & Paramount to Create Rango Virtual World — Paramount Pictures and online games developer Funtactix have announced a new game project this week. Rango: The WORLD is set to debut along with the film and is said to be a multiplayer online world complete with movie characters, friends, quests, and mini-games.

YooMee Games Launches Virtual Arcade — YooMee Games has announced the launch of a new gaming portal this week, Based around competitive tournaments, one-on-one challenges, or just beating their own high scores, players will be able to participate for real cash and prizes. Additionally, players will be able to use their YooMee accounts across multiple platforms including the noted portal, mobile apps, MySpace, and Facebook.

RaptrRaptr Grows & Secures $15 Million in Funcing — A social platform for gamers, Raptr has announced that it has secured $15 million in funding this week. Along with this announcement, the company has also released a series of new statistics in terms of games tracked, top countries, growth, and total users — which now tallies over 6.5 million.

Kontangent Tracks 100 Million Users — Social games analytics platform Kontangent has announced a significant milestone this week, stating that it is now tracking over 100 million users in social games. Additionally, that number is noted to be three times that of a year ago.

Car TownCie Games Adds New Brands to Car Town — Social developer Cie Games is adding a whole new slew of exotic cars to its Facebook title, Car Town. The brands come from the new partners of Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, McLaren, and Pagani.

FTC Asked to Investigate Mobile-Social Games — According to EngageDigital, Representative Edward Markey of the House Energy Subcommittee on Communications and Technology, has written a letter to the FTC asking for an investigation on free-to-play monetization in games on mobile devices. The concerns regards promotion and delivery towards children in games such as with Smurfs’ Village and incidents where children end up spending large sums of money, unknowingly, through virtual currency purchases.

AskAsk Partner Network Teams Up with Social Game Devs — Ask Partner Network (APN) is teaming up with social developers Booyah, LOLapps, and Social Point this week to create browser add-ons for their games. The add-ons will allow players to play games, view game information, and earn virtual currency.

FliplifeUnited Prototype Secures “7 figure” Investment — German developer United Prototype has closed a second round of funding says TechCrunch. The developer of the social and browser-based Fliplife, it has secured a new “7 figure” investment from HighTech Gründerfonds, Rapidshare Entertainment, Mountain Super Angels, and United Prototype Ventures.

Disney Reports First Quarter Revenues — Disney has reported its first quarter revenues this week, including its interactive media segment.  Revenue increased 58% to $349 million with segment operating results decreased by $3 million for a loss of $13 million “as higher sales of console games were more than offset by the inclusion of results for Playdom in the current quarter, which reflected the impact of acquisition accounting.”

PayPalPayPal for Digital Goods Launches — PayPal has finally launched its “PayPal for digital goods” system. Now consumers can pay for digital content without ever leaving a publisher’s game or site and offers the same security PayPal has always had. Fees for these purchases are 5% plus 5 cents for purchases under $12.

[image via PayPal Blog]

GSN Digital Awards $60M in Prizes Across PopCap Games — GSN Digital has announced it has awarded GSN players a total of $60 million in prizes to players of its cash-game-adaptations of popular PopCaptitles. Games include Bejeweled 2, Zuma, and Chuzzle.