Social Gaming Roundup: OpenFeint+Digital Chocolate, iPhone Gaming, FarmVille Protest, ljji Growth

splashPhone4Digital Chocolate adds OpenFeint’s Social Platform — Digital Chocolate is a profilic iPhone game developer, and now its going to be integrating OpenFeint‘s social platform. OpenFeint lets game developers add leaderboards, achievements, lobbies, and profiles, all of which are still hosted by parent company Aurora Feint. It also includes features for sharing on Facebook and Twitter. More here.

Asian export gaming portal gaining more users — takes popular freemium games from Asia and localizes them in the US, and the plan seems to be working. The company has grown 40 percent over the past year to reach 9 million registered users, as Virtual Goods News reports.

india_flagIndians protest for national flag in FarmVille — If anyone was wondering how global social games have gotten on Facebook, here’s the latest indicator. Zynga’s FarmVille lets users decorate their farms with their country flags, but it doesn’t offer the one for India (and presumably for many other countries). But thousands of Indian FarmVille players have mobilized, and the movement’s getting some news coverage. Given Facebook’s growth in India — up 220,000 to 4.23 million monthly actives last month, according to our latest Global Monitor report — the country is an increasingly important market for developers to accommodate. And anyway, there’s no reason for Zynga to not give them the flag.

Yes, the iPhone is a Gaming Platform — Ben Lorica crunches some numbers over on O’Reilly Radar and finds that “68% of the Top Paid, 67% of the Top Free, and 50% of the Top Grossing apps were Games” on the iPhone. As with social networks like Facebook and MySpace, games are the sorts of apps that people want the most. From the report: