Social games news roundup: Wii U might get social games, Kabam considers IPO and Avengers vs. X-Men in Avengers Alliance

Social and mobile games may come to Wii U — Unity announced this week it was partnering with Nintendo to provide a version of Unity that will work with the upcoming Wii U console. The agreement will let the 1.2 million developers using Unity bring both social and mobile titles to the Wii U.

Kabam considering IPO next year — Social game developer Kabam is considering an IPO next year, according to a Bloomberg interview with CEO Kevin Chou. According to the interview, Chou believes an IPO would be an excellent final step for establishing Kabam as a sustainable business, but he wants to make sure the company doesn’t suffer the same stock problems as Zynga.

Avengers vs. X-Men chapter goes live in Avengers Alliance — Marvel launched a new special operations chapter for Marvel: Avengers Alliance based on its comics crossover. The chapter unlocks Jean Grey as a member of the “Phoenix Five” and also allows players to venture out of New York for the first time, visiting certain locations in San Francisco.

Wings of Destiny comes to Facebook [Launch] — Developer IGG just launched its newest hardcore RPG on Facebook: Wings of Destiny. IGG’s COO Kevin Xu tells us the game’s user retention and monetization rates are twice as high as IGG’s previous title, Galaxy Online 2.0.

Robert Irvine arrives in ChefVille — The latest celebrity to join up with Zynga’s “Ville” series is “Restaurant: Impossible” host Robert Irvine. For the next two weeks, ChefVille will have an animated Irvine appear in the game and provide players with a series of specialized quests to complete.

Amazon’s GameCircle to take advantage of social features — Amazon’s recently-revealed Kindle Fire HD will allow developers to incorporate social features like Facebook Connect into their new tablet games. The new GameCircle system will take this one step further, and you can read a detailed summary of the system over at Geek.

IGT brings DoubleDown to Bonanza Casino — Social casino game developer IGT announced this week that it’s partnering with real-world Bonanza Casino. Bonanza is the latest casino property to bring the DoubleDown brand to its website through IGT’s revenue-sharing program we recently discussed with Robert Melendres about.