Social games news roundup: Infographics, chimps and ghost stories

Rebel Entertainment sums up 2012 for casual games: Dungeon Rampage developer Rebel Entertainment takes us on a trip down memory lane this week with a nifty infographic that showcases all of 2012’s biggest moments in the casual games industry. Events like Angry Birds’ billionth download, the success of the Ouya Kickstarter campaign and the various high-profile Zynga lawsuits are just a few of the highlights.

Joy Kingdom raises money for chimpanzees:  Joy Kingdom developer Sojo Studios teamed up with Black Beauty Ranch to use funds from its game to build a tree-house for chimpanzees to play on. The game is free to play, but 20 percent of the in-app purchases were donated to the ranch. The specific amount raised wasn’t announced, but we do know it was “thousands.”

Spirit Walkers summoned to Nook and Google Play [Launch]: G5 Entertainment and Orchid Games launched their new hidden object game, Spirit Walkers: Curse of the Cypress Witch, this week on Google Play and Nook. The game casts players as a woman on a camping trip with friends who winds up in the middle of a ghost story that spans times and dimensions.

30 million Angry Birds titles downloaded over Christmas: Mobile game developer Rovio reported that 30 million Angry Birds titles were downloaded between Dec. 22 – 29, with 8 million downloads on Christmas day alone. At this time Angry Birds Star Wars is also the No.1 paid app on iPhone according to AppData.

Chilingo launches Swing King and Catch the Ark — Mobile games publisher Chilingo today announced it launched two new games on the Apple App Store, Swing King and Catch the Ark. Swing King, which is priced at $0.99, is a physics-based puzzle game developed by Zoink!. Catch the Ark, also priced at $0.99, is an endless runner in which animals attempt to catch up with Noah’s Ark during the great flood.

Microsoft NERD’s Walter Somol heads to Stomp Games: Microsoft’s community liaison from its New England R&D center Walter Somol  has hung up his NERD hat to head over to Stop Games (the company behind Robot Rising). Before this, Somol was with Microsoft for five years, managing relationships with game devs for its Xbox platform. Somol is now going to serve as Stomp’s director of marketing and business development.