Social games news roundup: Game of Thrones, Immortalis and Coin A Phrase

Disruptor Beam reveals new details about Game of Thrones Ascent— Disruptor Beam’s Lead Designer Tim Crosby has a new post on the company’s website, detailing what we can expect to see in terms of Game of Thrones Ascent’s gameplay and story. Based on what Crosby says, it sounds like the game is going to feature some incredibly open-ended gameplay for a social strategy game.

Immortalis arrives on iOS [Launch]— Aeria Mobile has launched its latest card collecting game (CCG), Immortalis, on iOS. The game has players controlling “Soulbinders” who can summon monsters and bind them to their will, a power they use to stop the monster invasion of their world. The usual mechanics like PvP combat, cooperative play, and working together in player guilds are all present.

Petroglyph goes from core strategy to casual wordplay with Coin A Phrase [Launch]— Petroglyph, the developer behind AAA strategy games like Star Wars: Empire at War and End of Nations, have revealed a mobile games division with a free-to-play iOS word game, Coin A Phrase. The game requires players to guess a particular phrase in order to earn in-game coins. Players can draw cards and use hints to figure out the answer.

Playdek severely discounts its iOS games— Playdek, the developer and publisher of great digital hobby games for mobile devices like Ascension: Chronicle of the God Slayer and Summoner Wars, has announced it’s selling all of its titles and in-app purchases for $0.99. Several of their titles normally sell for $4.99 or so, so I’d recommend taking advantage of the sale if you’re a fan of solid board and/or deck-building games.

Playsino brings Bingo World to iPad [Launch]— Social casino developer Playsino this week released Bingo World for the iPhone. The company launched the iPad version, Bingo World HD, in late November and it’s already in the top 250 games for iPad, as well as one of the top 20 iOS casino games.

FarmVille’s newest expansion is Enchanted Glen— Zynga’s unveiled its latest expansion for FarmVille, Enchanted Glen. In this expansion, players arrive in a world filled with magical creatures like fairies and trolls; when they arrive, they meet Sola the Sun Fairy (who’s fallen into a magical sleep) and have to help restore order to the land. You can read more about Enchanted Glen over at Zynga’s blog.

Unilever and enter advertising partnership— and Unilver announced an international advertising partnership to promote the laundry brand Surf. The brand will be promoted in the first of the “Saga” games, Bubble Saga. The Bubble Saga Princess “will be taking an extended holiday” and will be replaced by new character Surfy. Players will also be able to earn extra lives by watching Surf video commercials. This deal will cover 12 different markets, including the UK, France, Turkey and Australia.

Sega rolls out Kingdom Conquest II [Launch]—Developed by Sega Networks Kingdom Conquest combines elements from card battle, real-time strategy and massively multiplayer role-playing games, and was downloaded 3.5 million times. The sequel, available now on iOS and Android, adds brand new content and better multiplayer functionality including chat and in-game auto translation.