5 Social Sharing Extensions For Firefox

While the largest social platform today is arguably Facebook, browsers have increasingly become a host for numerous social applications. Today we look at world’s number two browser Firefox and some of its add-ons which are very handy for sharing on the internet. Firefox continues to be extremely popular and flexible because of these easy-to-use extensions. The social-sharing add-ons enable you to share links, news and even what you are browsing at a particular instance of time.

Enjoy ‘5’ of these interesting extensions and feel free to install the ones you like. For information about rest of the add-ons check out https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/.

Clipmarks & Amplify

While reading a long blog-post or a news story, many a times you want to share a particular piece of the story or a quote with your friends or colleagues. With Clipmarks, you can select a block of text in a paragraph or an image, clip it and either choose to email or post it on the community sharing website Clipmarks.com.

In addition, the new Amplify feature from Clipmarks enables you to post the clipped text/images to your amplify blog.

Add this

With over 30,000 weekly downloads, Add this continues to be one of the most popular social bookmark sharing plug-ins. It provides support for over 200 services, including: Twitter, AIM, Blogger, Delicious, Digg, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Using Add this is quite simple. You can either click on the Add this button in Firefox browser or right- click on the text which you want to share and choose the service from Add this menu.


Would you like to see what your husband or daughter is browsing on the internet? Browzmi, allows you to do just that.
When Browzmi is installed, you can share links, comments, your favourite bookmarks and talk to others using the inbuilt chat application. So your friends can always discover if you are listening to Rihanna or Britney Spears.

Reframe It

Reframe It is a nice variant of Google’s Sidewiki. Reframe it rides on the philosophy of enabling comment feature on any website on the internet (essentially taking control from the content publisher). Once you install the plug-in, you can use it to write & share your comments on public pages, news-sites. Other users can read your comments, while they browse the same pages.


Although its primary objective isn’t just social sharing, Yoono is a very handy addition to the above quartet. Yoono is quite magical as it brings everything to your side-bar be it your social network profile, instant messaging application or your search engine.

You can just about do anything, i.e. like or dislike a Facebook message, read articles on Wikipedia and search different types of content from selected databases. As for sharing capabilities, you can share within the networks where you have established a connected.

While there are many FireFox extensions that are available in this category, we have selected those which bring value to your working style from multiple dimensions.

How about you, which firefox extensions do you use for sharing?