New Social Discovery Game Is Watching You On Twitter

Remember the site we told you about that turned your tweets in to music? Well, if you thought THAT was cool, you’re going to faint over this. Seriously, sit down.

There’s a new social discovery game recently launched and it’s watching you – your tweets, that is. And it’s using your tweet data to create YOU avatars and MindPrints showcasing your persona.

You just won’t participate? You have no choice. Unless your account is private, if you’re on Twitter, you’re on Mind of Man, or MOM (Twitter is public after all). And “you’ve already been captured, profiled and matched to others like you.”

But don’t worry, it’s called MOM after all and, “MOM loves you. . . . And you love MOM.” Eeeek!

So let’s get right down to it and tell you what you’re in for:

Mind of Man for Twitter®, the social Twitter discovery game, reveals how the world sees you by turning your text and behaviors into unique digital avatars. The avatars, called MindPrints, identify players’ most dominant traits and emotions relative to their friends, favorite celebrities, and the rest of the Twitterverse.

While popular social media tools rank only power or influence, Mind of Man playfully portrays players’ online personalities, character strengths (or flaws), and even those hidden anti-social tendencies through crowdsourcing.

You gain tokens for spying on friends and answering questions that are presented to you about random tweets. This helps MOM learn. And then you can trade in your tokens to reveal the answers to cards about you, like who you are:

Your celebrity twin. “A kindred spirit or a evil twin. MOM finds them all. A Loyal Citizen just like you. But more famous.”

And your Twitter activity.

So I’m happy crazy, my celebrity twin is Silent Bob and could stand to cut back on the tweets. Well! That’s just . . . okay, that’s me.

You can also find out who you’re influencing, whether you’re a sinner or saint, your nemesis (yes!) and there’s an exclusive part at the end for “inner party” participants. Bet I’ll get in there before you!

But why participate, outside of getting freaked out and being a little nosey about your contacts?

Players earn both virtual and real-world rewards for judging sentiment on Twitter. . . . What began as a project to gauge mood on Twitter has evolved into an application that blurs the boundaries between real life and your online world. The game captures a player’s online persona in a MindPrint, then uses their personality to drive other game experiences for prizes, discounts and rewards.

So, basically: You can win stuff by participating or you can stay away and never know the info you’re unwittingly broadcasting to the universe – and to advertisers who will undoubtedly latch on to this app with a quickness.

If you’ve ever feared the Google Monster would rise up and subjugate us all 1984-style (as I have), you’ll both appreciate and get a chill from the Orwellian tone of this video explaining the game further:

Mind of Man Launch Trailer from Mind of Man on Vimeo.

So what are you waiting for? MOM is expecting you.

Mind of Man for Twitter is now available on the iTunes App Store in both free and premium subscription versions: Mind of Man for Twitter and Mind of Man+ for Twitter.

(MOM image from folks at

@MaryCLong Mary C. Long is Chief Ghost at Digital Media Ghost. She writes about everything online and is published widely, with a focus on privacy concerns, specifically social sabotage.