What Do Twitter, Facebook, Google And Pinterest Know About YOU? [INFOGRAPHIC]

In case you haven’t heard, people love the internet.

And they really love social media.

Collectively, hundreds of millions of users generate billions of pieces of content each and every day on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and Pinterest.

So, here’s the big question… what do these social networks know about you?

Well, quite a lot, it seems, if this infographic from Baynote is anything to go by. Social websites gather an absolute wealth of data from their users, including email addresses, phone numbers, ad clicks, location, IP addresses, browser and device data, and often a lot more. Sure, much of this is opt-in and controllable by the user, but it’s oh-so-easy to forget that with social media you’re on camera 24 hours a day, every day… and it’s not just other people you have to worry about.

(Source: Baynote. Internet security image via Shutterstock.)