Social Economics 101 – What Are All Those Tweets, Likes And Pins Actually Worth? [INFOGRAPHIC]

What’s the value of a tweet or a Like? Does a check-in have any legitimate worth to a business? Can you put a price on a userbase – even in the early stages of a network’s development?

Social media is still in its infancy, and valuing not much more than 10 years of data isn’t perhaps as straightforward as it sounds. Using publicly-available information, Backupify looked at Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Path and others to determine which of these companies, and their social media actions therein, have the greatest value.

From here, they formed two conclusions: the estimated worth of these companies now, and how many users it would take each of them to reach a $10 billion valuation. Facebook is already there, of course, with a price tag of ten times that number, and Twitter and LinkedIn are on the nose, too. But what about the smaller players, like Pinterest and Foursquare?

This infographic takes a closer look at the value of social data.

(Source: Backupify.)

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