Is Social Media The Future Of Customer Service? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Brand pages and profiles on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have become enormously valuable for businesses looking to market products and services, raise awareness, boost website footfall and drive sales, but the two-way nature of social media has also meant that these channels are increasingly being used by consumers for customer support.

Indeed, almost eight out of ten (78 percent) of respondents in a recent survey believe that social media is the future of customer service. But brands still have work to do – another poll revealed that 71 percent of customers never received any kind of response from the company when they complained to them directly on Twitter.

This is an incredibly destructive stance taken by brands, as 75 percent of users who did receive a response after making a complaint were satisfied with the reply.

This infographic takes a closer look at how social media could be the future of customer support.

(Source: Conversocial. Help button image via Shutterstock.)