Social CRM platform Nimble opens API

Social CRM company Nimble this week released an App Marketplace and API for third-party products to integrate with the company’s social contact platform.

Nimble helps marketers and salespeople manage their contacts from email and social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Foursquare. Nimble’s new Contact API allows complementary business applications to customize and expand on Nimble functionality.

MailChimp, HubSpot, Wufoo and Rapportive are companies with apps in the marketplace already, and HootSuite, Freshdesk and others are on the way. Nimble’s vision is to have a range of business applications on the platform, including social monitoring, marketing, customer service, accounting, sales and collaboration tools.

The Contact API is the first application programming interface released by Nimble, but the company says more will be available over time to provide additional access to data about contacts and recommended actions. Developers that use these APIs can get their apps featured in Nimble’s marketplace after a short vetting process.

“A traditional CRM doesn’t empower engagement,” Nimble CEO Jon Ferrara told us last month during a demo of the platform. He says CRM has traditionally been about tracking leads and providing reporting for upper management, not actually managing relationships for engagement. “Social business is different. The customer has evolved.”

Ferrara says the difference with Nimble is that the tool provides “context for contacts” and connects with all the right communication tools to both listen and take action.

Nimble offers users a single inbox where they can see messages along with social context like public data from Facebook, recent tweets and past conversations between them. The unified social stream helps users see what are the best channels to communicate with a customer or lead. And one click brings new leads or customers into the Nimble database.

At $15 per user per month, Nimble is not only a solution for a range of businesses, but also an option for professionals looking to build their personal brand and maintain relationships in their industry.