Brands That Ignore Social Media Risk Losing Customers, Respect, Says Study [INFOGRAPHIC]

Brands that ignore social media or become inactive on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook risk losing existing and potential customers, reveals a new study from UK firm Kiss Public Relations.

More than half (51 percent) of respondents to the Kiss Social Media Interaction Survey agreed that if a brand is not present or not active with its social media it would reflect negatively on the company.

The survey also noted that 44 percent of people have bought something as a direct result of a recommendation on a social platform, and that mobile (54 percent) was now the most popular way to access these channels, ahead of desktop computer (35 percent) and tablet (11 percent).

Facebook (45 percent) was the preferred social platform of those polled, ahead of Twitter (26 percent) and LinkedIn (24 percent).

“It is clear that social media has become an integral part of most people’s lives in some form or another,” said Justine Smith, PR Director at KISS Public Relations. “Whether people are using it for research, staying in touch with brands or friends or engaging on social media because of the interesting content, businesses and brands can’t afford not to be involved.”

Kiss have illustrated some of their key findings in this infographic.

(Source: Kiss Public Relations. Head in the sand image via Shutterstock.)