REVEALED: What Customers Hate About Social Brands [INFOGRAPHIC]

When you Like or follow a brand on a social media channel such as Facebook and Twitter, what is the thing that they do that you hate the most?

Disruptive Communications asked more than 1,000 UK consumers what was most likely to damage their opinion of a brand that uses social media, and discovered that poor spelling and lousy grammar was the worse offence, with 42.5 percent citing this as their biggest turn-off.

“Salesy” updates (24.9 percent) and posting too frequently (12.8 percent) were also negatives for some customers.

Of course, hate is a very strong word, and at no point in the history of marketing has any brand kept 100 percent of its audience entertained and engaged, but if you’re doing anything on a regular basis that irritates a large portion of your audience you might need to consider a different social strategy.

And, seriously, there’s never any excuse for lousy spelling.

(Source: Disruptive Communications. Dislike button image via Shutterstock.)