Social Bookmarking Site Qitera Comes Out of Hiding

If major social bookmarking sites such as Digg and Delicious are already boring you to death, you might want to try out the newest kid on the block Qitera. Knowing that it is entering what could be “a dying market” Qitera has infused some cool features to its social bookmarking services in the hopes of sparking new interests on the social bookmarking niche.

What started as a seemingly semantic web application when it was still in beta, Qitera has evolved into a full-blown and innovative social bookmarking site. Like other social bookmarking site, Qitera basically lets you capture and an entire web page with just one click, share your favorite content safely with your friends, family and colleagues,as well as discover new content around mutual interests as well as get recommendations for topics that matter to you.

While it may seem that Qitera is just another one of ’em social bookmarking sites, some of its features thought set it apart from the rest of the social bookmarking crowd. For one, Qitera lets you get feedback from your peers and let them comment and rate your content via text and icons. Take note however that when they say peers, they mean to your friends who are also Qitera members.

Qitera also helps you with your research work on the web by letting you collect web content by topic. It makes research work fun and easy whether you are researching for a school work, a business project or even when you are planning a vacation trip. Qitera lets go back to your saved web contents. The best part about Qitera’s saving features is the fact that it saves the whole content of the sites you’ve bookmarked and not just the links and a brief summary of those links. And by saving the whole content of the specific sites you’ve bookmarked, you can search through your saved bookmarks easily and fast, hence eliminating the need to scour through your saved bookmarks one by one to find what you are looking for. Qitera definitely helps you speed up your research on the web and save time. Collect your web content by topic and find back to your stuff within seconds. Let research be easy and fun – no matter be it shopping, a school project or a vacation trip.

Another notable feature of Qitera is the way it displays your save sites. You can always switch your Qitera content gallery in a full-screen view where your sites are displayed in cover-flow like view. So, you can always skip searching through your saved sites and view them one by one instead.

If given the proper marketing strategy, Qitera has the potential to become a major social bookmarking site. And with its new and innovative take into the social bookmarking genre, it can be a good alternative to the traditional social bookmarking site that we have grown accustomed to.