Like Me, Follow Me, Fan Me: Is The Social ‘Ask’ Overused? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Asking people to follow you on Twitter, friend you on Facebook, or simply to like you or something that you have done, has become entirely commonplace within the world of social media.

PR firm Sevans Strategy and branding specialists Alterian teamed up to investigate further, tracking over 3.3 million different ‘asks’ across Flickr, Blogger, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter. End result? Perhaps unsurprisingly, the most popular ‘ask’ was ‘follow me’, and 95.9 percent of all such requests were made on Twitter.

Highlights from the research:

  • In March this year, the team counted more than 3.3 million social asks – that’s 108,000 each and every day
  • Twitter dominates all asks with 95.9 percent made on the micro-blogging platform
  • This compares with just 2.2 percent on Facebook
  • Social asks aren’t gender biased – women use these tools only about 0.3 percent of the time more than men. However, 37.4% more men than women asked to be friended on Facebook
  • Perhaps surprisingly, the top U.S. state for social asks was Indiana, which accounted for a heady 16.2 percent of the total