Social Analytics Startup Predicts Purchases

Do you know what you’re going to buy tomorrow? Social analytics startup Viralheat thinks it does. The company’s new Human Intent analysis engine scans through Twitter tweets and other social media updates looking for key phrases that could indicate that someone is ready to buy.

Human Intent looks for key words and phrases in a potential customer’s social stream, and then finds contextual and linguistic cues to determine where a person is in the purchasing process, according to co-founder and CTO Vishal Sankhla in an interview with Mashable. He claims the tool can even figure out if a person is complaining about an existing product they own and thinking about purchasing a replacement.

According to Sankhla, Viralheat came up with the idea about a year ago after analytics customers began saving key phrases such as “looking to buy a bed,” or “looking to buy a phone,” to determine peoples intent to buy.

The Human Intent feature launched Tuesday in beta, and is only available to existing Viralheat customers, but the two-year-old Viralheat says it will eventually roll out a full scale product.