Did Sochi 2014 Create a ‘Snitch Hotline?’

The Olympics.

It’s a time when the world’s elite gather together and compete under a universal banner of truth and sportsmanship. That is, until steroids entered into the fray and now, it’s all about prestige, narcissism and getting the gold, baby!

To wit, Canada has decided one HGH-ridden stain (by the name of Ben Johnson) is more than enough foibles clouding its proud Olympic history. So, the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport has established a PR campaignan anonymous tip line for athletes suspected of getting the assist for the medal.

“No one wants to see a Canadian athlete receive a medal on Friday only to see it taken away on Saturday,” said centre president and CEO Paul Melia. “We lived that once. We don’t want to live it again.”

Yeah, hurts to miss that one, huh?

Whether this tipster line will have an positive influence on the spirit of competition remains to be seen. Personally, I am waiting for the headlines of fake phone calls from the folk who know they are destined for a Bronze and concocts a used syringe in the locker room.

MEMO to Major League Baseball: Your move.