HUH? Soccer and Politico Team Up

The U.S. Soccer Foundation and Politico are joining forces for the first annual capital event that will include a youth clinic and a celebrity tournament.

We like how they worded the release, all oozing with alpha male confidence. Did Politico‘s Patrick Reis write this? (Right, he’s really into charity even when he’s busy throwing rotten tomatoes at colleague Mike Allen.) We’re not sure who we should be more impressed with — the folks over at U.S. Soccer or POLITICO (bolding is ours).

“The U.S. Soccer Foundation, the major charitable arm of soccer in the United States, and POLITICO, the country’s dominant political news source, announced today their partnership for the inaugural Capital Soccer Classic to be held in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday, April 24, 2013.”

More on the event…Johnson & Johnson will sponsor the daylong event. Games will feature members of Congress, including, says the release, the bipartisan Congressional Soccer Caucus; other government officials; media celebrities; and former U.S. Soccer players, including John Harkes, Cobi Jones, Eddie Pope, Claudio Reyna and Tiffany Roberts Sahaydak.

Ed Fostor-Simeon, President and CEO of the U.S. Soccer Foundation, somehow came up with this incredible quote: “We’re excited to partner with POLITICO for this event,” he said. “Having government officials, legendary soccer players and youth together playing soccer captures the essence of Washington and the Foundation in an innovative way.”

Seriously? Having government official sand soccer players unite with youth captures the essence of Washington? And to think we thought it was gridlock, the sequester and House Speaker John Boehner‘s cussing habit.

To be fair, the event is unique, unusual and for a good cause. Politico‘s COO Kim Kingston came up with a better quote than Fostor-Simeon. She says, “This event offers Washington a great opportunity to work together – concentrating on a different type of ‘goal’ for the day. POLITICO is thrilled to be working with the Foundation to put on an entertaining event with a great cause.”

The event will be at Gallaudet University and attendance is free and open to the public.