The Post in Which Your Long-Serving Co-Editor Makes a Clumsy, Sob-Filled Exit

Way back around the end of 2005, I received an invitation from mediabistro to step in as a guest editor for a vacationing Eva Hagberg, writing a few posts for their relatively new design/art/architecture blog, UnBeige. The assignment was for a couple of weeks, but then, somehow, I never wound up leaving, and here I still sit, some six and a half years later. Our Editorial Director, Chris Ariens, claims that stretch makes me the longest-serving blogger in the entire organization. So, of course, now that I’ve gotten the gold plaque saying as much, as well as this $25 gift certificate to the Olive Garden of my choosing, it seems like a good time to say farewell.

In all these years I’ve been working here, and over a mind-boggling number of posts (some of which even made sense), I’ve been blessed to have shared a space with some absurdly fantastic talent. I’ve had the sincere pleasure of working with my original co-editor, Alissa Walker, helping to build the bones of the powerhouse that UnBeige is today (as well as teaching her everything I know and am therefore responsible for roughly 96% of her success). From there, for more than four years now, having the amazing fortune to serve alongside Stephanie Murg, whose dedication to solid reporting and quality writing constantly inspired me to try and focus more on the posts themselves than trying to make a clever pun-filled joke in the headline, followed by a jarring batch of pun-filled ramblings (unfortunately, I am only human and that didn’t always stick). And there aren’t thanks enough in the world to properly offer up to all the staff at mediabistro, who took a chance on a kid from Chicago, only to never come to their senses and fire him after about the second week.

Thanks to all the readers who have kept us in your daily-visit bookmarks (which you will continue to do, because Stephanie will keep knocking it out of the park). And thank you to everyone who has sent me both nice notes and hurtful ones (it meant you were reading and cared enough to reach out), and to all the designers, companies, and PR people who were willing to let me bug them for information, comments and quotes, or who just wanted to send me copies of their books or magazines and other really cool stuff that I genuinely enjoyed looking at.

That brings me to the person I need to thank the most. The person who made getting up every morning and coming to the keyboard every day just a bit more easier. The one who made this whole thing so worthwhile. I’m of course talking about Philippe Starck. If it weren’t for your weirdness, your grandstanding about things as silly as eco-friendly mega-yachts and strange-looking golf carts, or your weird, decidedly French mix of machismo and over-sensitivity, this all would have been for naught.

Thanks for everything, to everyone everywhere, and farewell.

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