So, Where is the Windows Phone Updates: Lots of Little Problems Need Stomping On

Windows Phone 7 launched late last year in an odd situation. It was nearly universally mentioned in positive light by numerous technology journalists and bloggers despite its recognized shortcomings:

– Lack of copy/paste
– Lack of app multi-tasking
– Few apps (compared to the iPhone and Android)
– The inability to use Windows Mobile 6.x apps
– The inability to install apps outside of the Marketplace
– Lack of phone models with front facing cameras
– Lots of little glitches like the Marketplace app freezing the system or (in my case) the HD7 not being able to get out of flight mode without powering the phone off and then on again

Microsoft said that they would control Windows Phone’s update process after its release promising, at least to my ears, regular fixes and feature enhancements without running in carrier roadblocks. However, since its release we haven’t seen a single update for Windows Phone.

Paul Thurrot, author of Windows Phone 7 Secrets, takes Microsoft to task for this slight.

Software updates: Windows Phone vs. iPhone

He goes beyond a simple rant and provides a timeline of iPhone updates shortly after its initial release in 2007 as a comparison to what we’ve seen in the way of updates for Windows Phone (none).

Windows Phone 7 launched with a surprising amount of good will considering how poorly the older Windows Mobile 6.5 was greeted. But, if maintaining good will requires a bit of work. Updates for Windows Phone need to emerge from hiding very soon.