So What Do You Do, Candy Crowley?

mblogo.jpgTVNewser’s Brian Stetler sits down with CNN’s Candy Crowley for one of’s “So What Do You Do” interview series.

    Your title is “senior political correspondent.” What’s your specialty, your niche?

    Politics sounds so boring, and I think people roll their eyes when you say ‘I cover politics.’ So what do I cover? [She pauses and thinks for a moment.]

    It’s great people-watching. And that’s the only way I can really describe it. Sometimes I’ll take the 20,000-foot view. Or look at how the ’08 people are reacting to the State of the Union. Or what’s at stake in a certain bill. I’m always looking at things with an eye to the next election.

    Take me through a typical week, if one exists.

    There’s really not a typical week, which is the best part of it. I love the travel. I love that the ’08 election has started so early, because it gets me out and gets me going.

    In an election year, there’s a lot of being away from home. This is sort of an election year, even though this isn’t THE election year. So there’s travel several times a month. So in that week, it’s airports – Cleveland, Des Moines, Columbus, Nashua.

    When I’m home for the week, sometimes there are things coming up that I know will be a story, so there are things I’ll work on. Like ahead of the State of the Union –- what’s the political dynamic as Bush gives his speech?

    Other times the story will come to you – someone will literally run into your office and say something like ‘John Kerry’s not running in ’08.’

    And then you try to pick up a little news. You make as many phone calls as you can in the morning to pick up what’s out there and generate a little news.

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