So, Uh, I Went To School With This Designer And He’s Really Good, No Seriously, Check It Out

Winning is for winners.

As much as the American Express publishing empire just makes us feel a little, well, “poor,” they throw wicked parties. Especially Travel + Leisure. We’ve got more travel than leisure (see above), but we’re psyched for their Annual Design Awards, even if all it means is we can nominate people who we desperately want to be friends with. There’s nothing like a little sense of obligation to make the social world go round. Official details here, but the basics below:

Travel + Leisure magazine is currently accepting entries for its second annual Design Awards, recognizing outstanding design and architecture in eleven categories: hotels, restaurants, museums, retail spaces, and more. To be considered, projects must be completed between October 1, 2004 and December 31, 2005. The winners will be featured in the magazine’s March 2006 issue. Entry deadline is
October 3.

We’re officially nominating the Sculpture for Living. Mostly we just wanna hang with Charlie.