So set ’em up Joe: MoDo’s got a little story she thinks you oughta know

A long tall drink o' MoDo.jpgYou’d never know it, but MoDo’s a kind of poet — well, okay, you’d probably know it, the woman has a Pulitzer and is one of the most quoted columnists in America. Though we have to be honest, that “profiterole” line kinda confused us. In any case, here at Fishbowl we are a big fan of funny captions, so we tip our hat to Matt Drudge for his MoDo caption contest. Wish his readers had brought the funny a bit more, though. Michael Wolff, what was it you were saying about Liberals?

Here are the good ones:

  • NYT’s Dowd to Men: “Why don’t you go jerk yourself a soda”
    (that’s Drudge’s contribution)

  • “For TimesSelect’s amazingly low price of $49.95 a year you also get…”
  • “Lookin’ for Rove in all the wrong places.”

    and my personal favorite:

  • “Put it on Judy Miller’s tab.”

    Fishbowl tried to think of something but man, those shoes just killed it. MoDo, please don’t take offense but I’m pretty sure that drag queen wants his shoes back.

    One For MoDo, And One More For The Road [Frank Sinatra]