So Long For Indie Club Spaceland

Spaceland, Silver Lake’s reigning indie rock establishment, is shutting down in March. Spaceland productions will live on in other nightlife ventures and venues, and the owners of the building will open a new rock club called the Satellite in Spaceland’s place.

There’s not a rock critic in this town who hasn’t spent hours staring at those silver and blue stage curtains, checking out the endless rotation of up-and-coming talent, and we’re skeptical that this “Satellite” will ever have anything approaching Spaceland’s cultural significance. But as the landscape of the indie music scene – and Silver Lake itself – has changed so drastically since the club’s founding, perhaps Spaceland isn’t needed anymore.

LA Times has a bit about the history of the venue:

The club, founded as a weekly night in 1993 by promoter Mitchell Frank, hosted some of the earliest L.A. performances by Beck, Foo Fighters, Arcade Fire, Elliott Smith and Weezer, among many others. It became synonymous with both a revitalized eastside rock scene in Los Angeles and the neighborhood’s changing demographics, hosting thousands of shows and serving as an essential launch pad for local and international artists even as Frank expanded to newer venues, including the Echo (2001) and the Echoplex (2007).

You’ve still got a few more months to check out shows at the club and say your goodbyes. Come January you’ve got four chances to it to the sounds of The Melvin’s.