So Long and Thanks For All the Fish… BowlLA!

I was offered a gig as managing editor of the award-winning mega-blog Crooks and Liars and I’ve decided to take it. Regrettably, this means I will not have the time to blog here any longer. So because I’ve been an editor at FishbowlLA for over three years–the longest I’ve ever worked anywhere (I am a freelancer)–I wanted to pen my own exit interview:

Q. What is the weirdest thing to happen to you at FishbowlLA?

A. Remember the Mini Me sex tape? Vern Troyer had this tape leaked of he and his girlfriend going at it. The girlfriend just so happened to look a lot like my co-editor at the time, Mayrav Saar. So I thought it would be hilarious (it was) to write a post with the image saying, “We just wanted to get in front of this – this is NOT Mayrav in the Mini Me sex tape.” The next day we got a cease and desist letter from Troyer’s lawyers telling us to take down the image. So the weirdest? A cease and desist from Mini Me’s attorney over an in-office joke.

See my response to the lawyer here.

Q. What’s the most memorable thing for you?

A. I became an editor at Mediabistro when the newspaper industry was on full meltdown. Tens of thousands of journalists were losing their jobs. Every day we’d post another sad story about some 49-year-old mid-western journo who’d never heard of SEO or HTML being laid off from a paper he started out delivering on his bike. The worst was Chris Kraul who in 2003 lost an eye while reporting for the LA Times in Iraq – he was laid off from that same paper in 2009. I was relatively new to journalism – I was coming from an industry that had melted down long ago as a viable business (stand-up comedy), so I came into a new profession to cover that said profession, just it was dying en masse.

Q. What’s your favorite thing?

A. I got to meet Jonathan Gold! I was covering an LA Weekly layoff party. Just as I had taken pictures of and was about to leave, I was introduced to Gold. I love him. I’m a huge fan. I have no ability or interest in writing about food – but I just love him. It never occurred to me that he was meet-able. That he was a real person outside of his delicious words. And there he was! Needless to say – I gushed. Fangirl. Horrible. Gushed.
I love him.

Q. Anything else you’d like to add?

A. You are not very good at asking questions. I would just like to say that it’s been fun. I’m happy to have had this opportunity and I’ll see you all around!