SO-IL’s Pole Dance Selected for P.S.1’s Young Architects Program

As winter starts to wear on us and the possibility of warmer months some time off in the distant future, it’s that time of year again when P.S.1 announces their selection for their Young Architects Program and releases details of the temporary courtyard park they’ll be building for the summer. This year, it’s the Brooklyn-based firm SO-IL, or Solid Objectives – Idenburg Liu (those last names standing for Florian Idenburg and Jing Liu) for their piece Pole Dance. The firm is just under three years old, but already they’ve developed projects around the world, from a residence in upstate New York, to a museum in The Netherlands. Below, you’ll find the video they put together for the competition, giving you a chance to see what’s planned for this summer. After the jump, you’ll find a full description of their plans for the courtyard.

Conceived as a participatory environment that reframes the conceptual relationship between humankind and structure, Pole Dance is an interconnected system of poles and bungees whose equilibrium is open to human action and environmental factors. Throughout the courtyard, groups of 25-foot-tall poles on 12 x 12-foot grids connected by bungee cords whose elasticity will cause the poles to gently sway, creating a steady ripple throughout the courtyard space. Each grid contains a number of playful activators, such as hammocks, pulls, misters, and rain collecting plants. An open net covering the entire scope of the grid system will provide shelter and stabilize the movement of the poles, preventing them from exceeding a predetermined maximum pivot. A generous series of multi-colored balls will move above the net offering mutable shade and the appearance of a communal game. Dropping down at two points, the net will surround a pool and a sandpit.

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