So Far, Yet So Close


When this writer lived in Arizona, his best friend, the person with whom he not only spent a tremendous amount of time with, but was also his creative partner on nearly every single project, got accepted into a PhD program in Iowa, he did the only sensible thing one should do in that situation: he quit his good paying job and moved to Iowa so they could continue working on such wonderfully enlightening projects like this fan favorite, Possum in the House. But not everyone has that ability to just up and leave on a whim, so what’s a creative team to do? In the case of the firm, Baker and Hill, the two moved away from one another, but stayed together as a collective force. How did it work out? That’s why Design Interact writes articles; to let you know. Here’s some:

The two met five years ago while working together at the Discovery Channel in DC. Not long after, they spun off their own company, Baker & Hill, and took on a variety of educational and entertainment projects. But when Baker and his wife had their first child, the couple decided to move back home to Memphis – leaving Hill behind in Washington.

Luckily the change had little effect on their business; the two already handled most of their clients virtually. To them, geography mattered less than their desire to stay close to their craft.

“Mark and I started this because we didn’t want to be in a situation where we were managing other designers more than doing the design,” says Baker. “Selfishly, we love design so much we wanted to keep our hands in it.”