So Far, MTP’s New Look is a Mystery

question_mark_3d.png On Sunday May 2, during WHCA’s high-profile prom weekend, MTP will broadcast in high definition for the first time and unveil its new set.

What will the new set look like?

Host David Gregory and Executive Producer Betsy Fischer offer a variety of well-written quotes and vague descriptions but don’t say what the new look will look like. Fischer gives hints: contemporary design, stately. Gregory’s hints are evolving.

NBC, when pressed, did not offer extra details. WaPo’s Howard Kurtz has one line in this past Sunday’s paper: “The look is ultramodern: floor-to-ceiling bookcases, a pair of huge video screens with a White House backdrop, a small, circular glass table as well as a larger, rectangular one.”

And now onto the soundbites.

“It’s an exciting time to be debuting a new ‘Meet the Press’ set as we head into another important political year,” said host Gregory in a release. “The new look reflects the ways in which the program is evolving while staying true to the core mission and traditions of the show.”

“This new set offers a fresh look and added versatility that will enhance our interviews and better engage our viewers,” said executive producer Betsy Fischer. “It’s a thoughtful combination of contemporary design elements in a stately setting – keeping with the longstanding history of the program.”