So, Are You Going to “Root” Your Droid?

Believe it or not, I’ve never jailbroken my iPhone (I did, however, jailbreak a test iPhone to try out projecting arbitary screens). I’ve always figured I should have a device like most other users in order to provide reviews and commentaries. So, while this news from…

The Droid Has Been Rooted — Now What?

…is a fascinating one, I’m resisting the urge to “root” (gain root or adminstrative privileges) my Droid. What is there to gain by rooting a Droid? Well, there’s the possibility of getting the multi-touch gestures that Motorola and Verizon decided I shouldn’t have. It might provide the ability to tether a netbook to my Droid to take advantage of Verizon’s fast 3G data service. It might provide an opportunity to dig around the “innards” of the phone to learn more about it.

It might also, however, “brick” the Droid (ack!). So, I’m planning to sit on the sideline watching this development with great interest but with no intention of rooting my Droid.