Snow’s Greatest Hits

Let’s just go ahead and begin compiling all the phrases that Tony Snow is reintroducing into American lexicon. First there was “hug the tar baby.” And now, “bupkis.”

  • Wednesday Press Briefing:

      MR. SNOW: Okay, let’s begin. Welcome, one and all. Good afternoon. For those of you who weren’t here, we have coined the term “bupkes list” for items that the Press Secretary may not have had complete and full answers for during the gaggle. So, in response to this morning’s bupkes list, who is —

      Q How do you spell “bupkes”?

      MR. SNOW: Bupkus — b-u-p-k-u-s.

      Q Yiddish.

      Q E-s.

      MR. SNOW: Thank you, corrected, e-s.

  • Friday Press Gaggle:

      MR. SNOW: All right, thank you. Welcome all. Since there will be no on-air briefing today, we will publish the gaggle a bit later so you can all consult.

      Q Great. No bupkis list, then?

      MR. SNOW: Well, if there’s a bupkis list, we will attach the answers in the form of footnotes.

      MR. SNOW: John, that goes on the bupkis list. I don’t know. Oh, by the way, b-u-p-k-I-s. We have to correct that, too. (Laughter.)

      Q Can you put it on bupkis?

      MR. SNOW: Well, if there is — if we’ve got an official position on LaRaza, we will add it to the bupkis list.

      MR. SNOW: The radio address — that’s a very good question. What’s on the radio address? Okay, that’s on the bupkis list. We will certainly get that covered.**