Snooki Attempts a Re-brand

Far tougher than a crotch-flashing cartwheel, is renaming oneself at the peek of stardom.  Snooki, the sun-roasted runt from MTV’s Jersey Shore told the Daily News she wants to be known by her birth name, Nicole Polizzi.  She’s ‘The Rock’ of 2011.

With her new “legit” boyfriend, less drinking, less sleeping in garbage cans, and more dieting, could it be that “Nicole” is upping herself from the downmarket?

The brawling baller published a novel, and issued a necklace to commemorate her giant gerbil ball New Year’s stunt, all right before the third season of the show airs tomorrow night. The pink sapphire necklace is just $49 bucks, and she and her jewelry partner DiamondShark introduced it with a big, “Happy Frickin’ New Year!”  Shannon Nelson, the social guru at Pierce Mattie PR actually gave the design her seal of approval.

What’s next for Nicole?  Movies?  A spot on the couch on The View?  Give us your predictions in the comments.

For more on the industry emerging from the cast of the show, see Salon’s piece on the rise of the “Jersey Shore”-industrial complex.