SNL the Wind Beneath’s Wings

Those of you who live in New York and have, say, a crappy old television with a broken antenna balanced precariously on it (which happens to work just fine, actually) may want to save yourselves the digital upgrade that will be required next February since we sort of suspect by that time we’ll be well on our way to getting most of our television online. And we bet it’s going to be a faster easier transition than, say, print media. To wit:

This week experienced a surge in traffic, due in large part to the SNL Palin opener — it was the most-watched viral video in’s history and outstripping downloads from YouTube (if you post it, people will come). Combine that with the surge experienced (26% higher than its previous best) as a result of this black week on Wall Street, and then add to that the fact that NBC TV shows are once again available on iTunes and voila! One start to wonder if the television set is necessary after all.