SNL Makes News Organizations Think


It does take a village (Er ahem, a bunch of class clowns pointing out the shortcomings of election coverage) to raise an issue.

From an AP story titled “A Harder Look at Obama, Post-‘SNL’?“:

A study of campaign coverage found the media took a sharper look at Barack Obama the week after “Saturday Night Live” spoofed journalists enthralled by his candidacy.

The NBC comedy show on Feb. 23 opened with a mock debate where journalists were rough on Hillary Clinton while being starry-eyed about Obama. It matched complaints the Clinton campaign had made — and she even referenced the comedy skit during a real debate last week.

One reader quoted in the NYT summed it up:

“The line between politics and entertainment has become almost fatally blurred now, and I am uncomfortable with that,” a reader wrote. “SNL is NOT journalism, and it’s a sad statement that a late night comedy show might have a greater impact on our political path than a debate.”

We agree! We think both journalism and comedy are cheapened by the hybrid.