Sneak Peeks At Upcoming Moto Phones? has some video and a slew of pictures of the phones Motorola is expected to unveil at CTIA.

Yes, despite putting its handset unit up for sale, kicking the guy brought in as savior to the curb and replacing him with the CEO (brought in to save the company as a whole), there’s a whole lotta phones rumored to be making their appearance at next month’s event.

Moto has already said it’s coming out with two new RAZR2 models, a new PEBL, a new ROKR and the Z8 and Z10. UnwiredView says the video is has also shows several unannounced phones, including a new ROKR slider, the Motorola A1600 Ming2 and maybe a Q10 plus a few others.

Guess we’ll have to wait a few weeks to make sure it’s not all just a big April Fool’s joke.