A Sneak Peek at Roll Call’s New Name Plate

Leaked to FishbowlDC: a picture of the new nameplate for Roll Call that come November will combine Roll Call and and CQ Today and an internal memo laying out more details about it. The NYT broke the news Sunday night that on Nov. 13 Roll Call and CQ Today will officially combine their print operations into Roll Call. CQ Today stories will continue to appear online, but not under that name specifically; it will no longer be in print and online it will be cq.com, CQ Weekly.

While it isn’t clear whether the name plate will be used for both the online and print versions, the internal memo says it is for “RollCall.com” and publicist Rebecca Gale called it a “working draft only” for the upcoming print merger.

For several months we’ve been bringing you backgrounders on the inside meetings and process leading up to the merging of CQ and Roll Call as well as the more recent news of massive layoffs. Roll Call and CQ will continue to operate their respective online publications such as CQ Weekly and other features.

See the internal memo sent to staff that they wanted kept “under wraps” …

From Meg Hargreaves, CC’d to Valerie Voci and Brendan Walsh.


Attached is the final name plate for the new RollCall.com. After much deliberation, I have decided to use the grey dome on the web name plate and revise the top nav to reflect the same blue bar that is reflected in print, on mobile pages and within the iPhone app. While some of use liked the blue dome for the web name plate, I have decided that we need to place the highest priority on creating an experience that is uniform across all product channels. That will ensure that we are launching with the strongest branding play possible.

Val, please tag Claire if you require any special renderings of the nameplate to support internally messaging prep. As discussed yesterday with Beth [Bronder, Publisher], we’d like to keep the new nameplate under wraps until we are closer to the 11/13 launch.

My thanks to everyone for their input and feedback over the last several weeks.

Thanks, Meg