Snapchat’s Spiegel Applied Some Heavy Spin to His Zuckerberg Bromance

ht_evan_spiegel_jef_130416_wblog1This morning we bring you the five words Evan Spiegel needs to hear, via the 2008 Internet:

Dude. You’re doing it wrong.

Spiegel’s non-apology on the Snapchat data breach was lame enough, but last night we learned that he misled a Forbes interviewer about the nature of his relationship with Mark Zuckerberg.

It’s a pretty basic progression, really:

In other words, he was so ready to make himself look good that he made himself look worse.

It’s true that Spiegel didn’t technically make anything up and that he and Zuck did indeed have a sort of playfully adversarial relationship: when Facebook’s Snapchat clone Poke came out, Zuck emailed him to say “hope you enjoy it.”

Some have also come to Spiegel’s defense since the story broke by noting that Forbes paraphrased his words. But, as the follow-up reports, Spiegel only posted the second half of his exchange with Zuckerberg after the interviewer mentioned the fact that the first “reveal” made him look like a liar.


Simple conclusion: Spiegel created his own bad PR by playing “cute” (not our word). It’s easy to recognize his original quote as a classic case of self-serving spin, like “I was so cool that The Zuck wanted to take time out of his busy schedule to come meet me on my own turf”. But, as we now know courtesy of Spiegel himself, it didn’t really go down like that. Oh, and there’s really no way to make this quote look good:

“So Mark sends an email to my personal email. Like, how would he know that right? And it’s like, ‘Hey we’re interested in what you’re doing. Would love to meet you or whatever.'”

We’d like to ask the universe who happens to be advising the Snapchat organization at present, because it seems like their media relations strategy comes from a loosely affiliated group of post-beer bong frat bros. But we don’t stereotype.