Snapchat Wins New York Fashion Week

The app has changed media coverage of the event.

Today marks the end of the latest New York Fashion Week, and some say its best days are behind us:

This may well be true — but don’t tell Snapchat.

Beyond menswear (according to The New York Times) and Kendall Jenner, no one received as much attention as the disappearing message app.

Why? It wasn’t just design brands “snapping” their own work…although there was a good bit of that. Via Digiday, here’s the first snap from Michael Kors:

Michael Kors

Even the “hipper-than-most” (not our words) brand Opening Ceremony got in on the action.

The big story, though, was how Snapchat has changed the way media covers the event. Stelle Bugbee of New York Magazine’s The Cut blog discussed the issue with WNYC this morning, but here are some screenshots from the blog’s own coverage, which made liberal use of Snapchat’s new “stories” feature. The “story” was basically a collection of party shots.

First, the stars of TV’s best sitcom, Broad City:

broad city

Here are some people whose names we should probably know:

the cut 1

…and again:

the cut 3You get it: Snapchat allows The Cut to present followers with a more “insidery” view of covering the event.

Refinery29 did the same:

refinery 1

refinery 2

refinery 3

NYFW even took the “stories” route with its own account labeled “Fashion Week in NYC”. Here are some shots from its most recent piece of content:

nyfw 1

nyfw 2

nyfw 3

So we now get a better idea of what things look like behind the scenes from both sides of the runway.

What do we think? Has Snapchat made NYFW more of a public event while allowing more brands to get — as a researcher puts it in a Bloomberg interview — “that PR grab?