Snapchat Offers Advertisers ‘Sequenced Messaging’ of Multiple Video Ads

Snapchat is encouraging its advertisers to bundle their video ads.

Snapchat is encouraging its advertisers to bundle their video ads.

Sources told Lauren Johnson of SocialTimes parent Adweek that the messaging application is pitching the new ad packages as “sequenced messaging,” allowing advertisers to run consecutive video ads with different creative within its Discover section, in order to tell one story.

A Snapchat spokesperson confirmed to Johnson that sequenced messaging packages are available to all advertisers, and a source told her they are only available directly through Snapchat, and not via its Ads API, adding that the packages’ premium prices require “early commitments for a full-service execution.”

One source described sequenced messaging to Johnson as follows:

Think about taking a 30-second asset and getting it cropped up into three 10-second spots. I’m going to buy three back-to-back ads, and I’m going to tell this sequential story. I think it becomes unique in regard to storytelling. These guys are trying to get away with this idea of, “Maybe if you watched three seconds of the first video, five seconds (of the second video) and then 10 seconds to finish the story, that’s good, as long as you get the point of the narrative.”

A digital advertising executive familiar with Snapchat’s plans told Johnson:

What’s interesting here is that this becomes part of the DNA of a buy. You’re starting to think through a linear story or a progression that can be told in a couple of steps, which is quite a bit different than your typical execution that you’d see elsewhere in social.

And m/Six president Ilana Nolte told Johnson she has been working with fashion retailer David Yurman to run targeted ads within Snapchat Discover, adding of the new offering:

We have the ability to split our ad up into three different segments and serve them one segment, and then retarget those individuals with another segment to continue the story. It allows us to create a better engagement with that consumer.

Readers: What are your initial thoughts on sequenced messaging from Snapchat? David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.