Snapchat Introduces New Ads for Holiday Shopping

Amazon and Hollister are the first brands to make use of a new type of ad from Snapchat.



Snapchat introduced a new type of ad on Thanksgiving from Amazon and Hollister, reports Recode. The ads were introduced just in time for Snapchat’s “Black Friday” story, where advertising appeared next to user-generated content for the first time. From Recode:

Snapchat offers similar so-called Stories for other events — concerts, college football games, etc. — but this is the first time the company has advertised within one of these compilations.

Both Amazon and Hollister appear to be sponsoring the Black Friday Story, with the ads appearing as a 10-second slideshow of rotating static images.

In October, the ephemeral messaging app introduced its first sponsored campaign. With its fast-growing user base, it makes sense for the company focus on media outlets and advertisers in an effort to monetize.

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