Snapchat CEO Performs Some So-So Damage Control

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel may not care for “controversial” questions, but when faced with an unavoidable problem he had no choice but to go on damage control duty. We’re not quite sure whether this quick Today clip effectively addresses the “millions of usernames and partial phone numbers published” scandal, though…

He basically just said “This happens to everybody. Sorry. We’re working with law enforcement”, and he didn’t offer anything resembling an apology.

That’s not all.

As Carson Daly noted at the end of that segment, Snapchat now plans to release an updated version of its app as announced in a blog post last night.

The most important line in that post:

“[We] acknowledged in a blog post last Friday that it was possible for an attacker to use the functionality of Find Friends to upload a large number of random phone numbers and match them with Snapchat usernames.”

In short, a security group warned us twice (once in August and once on Christmas Eve), and we tried to fix the problem, but…whatevs.

Is this really going to be good enough for a company whose main selling point is security? Consumerist theorizes that “maybe [Snapchat] just didn’t get Gibson Security’s messages before”, though we think it’s more likely that they saw the messages and shrugged.

This is a big story, though. And as much as he obviously dislikes appearing on camera, Spiegel will have to do it again and again until the backlash blows over.

Media training, anyone?