Snapchat Users Can Now Easily Chat Up Their Best Friends, Complete With Bitmoji Widgets

The feature works on the Today screen for iOS users or the home screen for those on Android

Snapchat’s newest update for iOS and Android includes an easy and colorful way for users to begin chatting with their favorite friends.

The updated applications allow users to choose their favorite friends, turn their avatars into Bitmoji widgets and add them to their Today screens on iOS or their home screens on Android.

Snapchat acquired personalized emoji app Bitmoji and comic strip app Bitstrips in March 2016.

Here’s how to use the new feature:

  • iOS: Go to your Bitmoji home screen and swipe right to access the Today screen (Widgets page). Scroll down to edit and add Snapchat, and your Snapchat best friends and their respective Bitmoji will appear on your Today screen.
  • Android: Press and hold any blank area on the Bitmoji homepage. Select Widgets, followed by Snapchat. You can then choose up to four friends to appear on your home screens.

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