Snapchat Allows Publishers to Link to Their Content Outside the App

The update gives Snapchat's publishing partners the ability to share links on Facebook and Twitter which take users directly to their Snapchat content.

Snapchat has introduced the ability for its publishing partners to share their Discover Channels on Facebook and Twitter with links directly to their content, according to Digiday.

When on a desktop, these links will appear as QR codes, which can be scanned with a smartphone to load the Snapchat app on the device. If users scan the code but don’t already use Snapchat, they’ll be prompted to download the app.

Unlike traditional Snapchat content, these links can be liked and commented on, which should give publishers greater insight into their viewers’ reactions and opinions. Users can also share these links with their friends, potentially increasing the number of viewers the Discover Channels will receive.

Snapchat said in a statement to Digiday:

We are launching Snapcode deep-linking for Discover Channels, creating another way for partners to publicize their great content. Snapcodes are scannable codes that link directly to content on Snapchat.

By allowing publishers to link to their content on Facebook and Twitter, Snapchat could grow its visibility as an original content destination for mobile users. Snapchat recently abandoned its own attempt at producing original content when it shuttered the Snap Channel in October.