SNAP Summit: Covering the Facebook Platform and Beyond

I know there are a lot of events surrounding Facebook currently, but here is one more to throw into the mix: Snap Summit. SNAP stands for “Social Network Application Platform.” The summit is going to address:

  • How do you make your apps more viral?
  • What does it take to launch a successful app?
  • What are the pitfalls of growing too quickly?
  • How can third-party sites integrate with Facebook?
  • Where is the social platform going?

Additionally, I am going to be speaking at the event about “Expanding Your Brand Presence through Facebook.” Other speakers at the event include Dave Morin (Platform Manager at Facebook), Robert Scoble, Jia Shen (CEO, Rock You), Keith Rabois (Slide), Rodney Rumford (FaceReviews), Lee Lorenzen (Altura Ventures), Dave McClure, Stowe Boyd, Susan Wu and more! This should definitely be another great event covering the platform.

Christian Perry, the event organizer, was kind enough to provide my blog readers with a 10% off discount code. General admission will cost $269 after the discount code and if you are a Facebook developer the price is $179 after using the discount code. Go check out the conference details and remember to use the discount code allfacebook when you sign up!